Neutrogena Hydro Boost

Neutrogena is a world-wide acclaimed brand known for delivering dermatologist recommended beauty and skin care products, for a healthy and beautiful looking skin.

I have been quite an ardent patron of Neutrogena ever since my teen years and it has never failed me till date. So when I came across their all new Hydro Boost range, I knew my skin was in for a treat.


This new range has been introduced keeping in mind the city aggressors (such as the sun, pollution, harsh weather etc.) – it’s usually these trivial things that we may not even consider that can cause some serious skin despair. With Hyaluronic Acid, it’s a much-needed refreshing boost that your skin will love.


I’ll be honest – I have dealt and still deal with adult acne from time to time and having a perfect skin care routine is the key to nipping it in the bud. Using Neutrogena Hydro Boost range over the last 15 days, Yes! it’s not been that long to claim that it’s the most effective product, but definitely enough to know that my skin feels great after the application. So here I am, giving you the lowdown on these four products I sampled.


These wipes are super soft on the skin, with a fresh cleansing lotion paraben-free formula, that effortlessly glide over the face and eyes to instantly remove impurities and makeup in a single swipe. Also, it works like magic on those waterproof mascaras we love so much but put up one hell of a fight while getting them off. Can’t get much better than that now, can it? The facial wipes leave the skin feeling clean and instantly quench it with a boost of hydration.



As I have a sensitive/combination skin type, this lightweight gel is just about right and does not irritate as usually observed with most of the face washes out there. It is activated with water and lathers away dirt, oil and makeup. It’s gentle and leaves the skin feeling supple without any residue or dryness. The skin is refreshingly clean and touchably nimble every time you cleanse.


3. HYDRO BOOST EYE, Refreshing Gel Cream

I have prominent dark circles ever since I can recall, and using Hydro Boost Eye gel has greatly helped minimize this issue. I have noticed a visible difference with continuous application over the last few days. Enriched with Hyaluronic Matrix, this eye gel works in 3 ways for a refreshing look. It instantly adds intense hydration and replenishes the skin around the under eye area, awakens tired puffy eyes and keeps the moisture locked in for about 24 hrs. Hence, leaving the eyes looking fresh every day.


4. HYDRO BOOST CITY SHIELD, Hydrating Lotion SPF 25

Power packed with Hyaluronic acid, Helioplex SPF 25 and Antioxidants, Hydro Boost City Shield guards the skin against everyday aggressors quite effectively. It soothes and nourishes the skin instantly and Vitamin C enhances that youthful glow and helps clear up those stubborn blemishes. It has a smooth creamy texture and yet its very light on applying, making my skin feeling enriched without causing any breakouts (as noticed over the last two weeks).


All in all I like the packaging – its neat, simple and travel friendly so that you don’t have to stress about how your skin might respond to a new city and its atmosphere during your travels. I believe, this is a well thought out product range especially for the urban dwellers with a demanding, fast-paced life.

All you City Girls.. This new skin care range by Neutrogena is a beauty must-have! So go on – “face the city confidently!”

You Go Girl!


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