Swiss Dreams

India is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world but what unites us is our love for Bollywood and the dreams and aspirations we derive from the movies we grow up watching. I grew up in an era where the silver screen was ruled by King Khan (SRK) & Kajol and their chemistry was the stuff of dreams for every teenager. Such has been their impact that Mount Titlis in Switzerland has a life size cut out poster of Dilwale Dhulaniya Le Jaayenge, right at the entrance, and having been there in person recently, I can assure you that the longest queue at the top is to have a picture with the poster (irrespective of the nationality of the tourists). Hehe kinda exaggerating a bit here!


FYI, I’m not a huge Bollywood fan, but just before we departed for Switzerland last year in September, our family members jokingly said “now that your going to Switzerland, why don’t you carry a sari and enact the famous song – Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam from DDLJ? ”. At the time, it seemed like a dinner table joke and was laughed off and forgotten. But as luck would have it, while packing for our trip, I spotted this untouched pretty pure french chiffon sari lying in my closet and I thought to myself.. Well why not! So I packed the sari and mentioned to Mr. Hubby that we should try enacting the song during our travel. His reaction was more of shock than surprise as he couldn’t imagine me running around in a sari in the Swiss Alps.

Our trip to Switzerland included traveling like nomads from Dawn to Dusk, hiking, eating, exploring the countryside and the Alps and it was during one of these adventure packed days that we spotted an opportunity to actually enact this outrageously hilarious, yet romantic video. What more can I say, give IT a watch and see for yourselves!

( P.S: This video was shot on iPhone 6S, a broken tripod stand “#travelmishaps” and a selfie stick. )

Watch IT Here! (click)

DSC_0705.NEF.jpgLocation : Murren, overlooking Jungfrau.

IMG_0592Meet Mr. Hubs, apni movie ka hero.


5.0Who said true love stories are only found in movies !


3.0And we had quite a few spectators as well, Like I tell you we are quite famous now!

1That View Though!

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